Matins Devotional Service - every Thursday at 10:00 a.m.  

Friday, June 7th at____ - Kevin and Heidi Cheng will be performing.  Ice cream social following.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study - 7:00 p.m.

Prayer Shawls - If you would like a prayer shawl to give to someone, there is a tote in the church kitchen.  Please indicate on sheet who will be receiving the prayer shawl.

In Our Prayers

  • Miriam Halazan- (Niece of Margaret Morris) undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Arlon Krueger - diagnosed with cancer.
  • Family of Pastor and Melissa Hauptmeier - passing of Pastor's father, Larry Hauptmeier.
  • James Huggins - recovering from blood clots.
  • Terry Bird - Candy Carmin's brother who is recovering from heart surgery.
  • Bev Toben - back pain and other difficulties.
  • Carolyn Mays - (Aunt of Dick Mays) cancer patient.
  • Gladys Lawhead - Candy Carmin's mother experiencing severe health difficulties.
  • Mary Ann Niemoth - respiratory difficulties. 
  • Lori Schuppan - praying for her upcoming surgery in May.
  • Ed Neppl - Tim Neppl's father; undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Harley Hellwege - Darren and Sheree Toben's friend.  An six-year old of Doniphan diagnosed with cancer.
  • Patty Anderson - friend of Tracy Happold; diagnosed with cancer.
  • Jimmy Rash - recovering from colon cancer.

Church Lawn Mowing

  • May 18       Clark Finecy
  • May 25       David Kindt
  • June 1         Kerry Glandt
  • June 8        Andrew Carmin
  • June 15      Mark Dyer
  • June 22     Bob Kieborz
  • June 29     Ron Brockmann

Church Cleaning - Clean on or by below date:  

  • May 18                 #1 - Peg Kroeger   #2&3 - Connie Block
  • May 25                 #1 - Pam Lienemann
  • June 1                   #1 - Jean Cosgriff   #2&# - Judy Glandt
  • June 8                   #1 - Sheree Toben

Main Street TV Program - Reminder to tune into ABC Channel 8 on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. for NE District Pastor's Service of the Word.

"A Word  of Triumph"  Hear our joint Radio Service with Grace, Grand Island, each Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m.  The frequency for the radio station is KRGI - 1430 AM.   The May 19th sponsor is Terry and Hope Lienemann (In memory of Orval and Mavis Hjorth).